Memorial Cards

Memorial cards can be either single (double-sided) or folded (four sides). You can choose whether your cards are laminated in gloss plastic or not. Single cards measure 74mm x 105mm (A7). Folded cards measure 148mm x 105mm (A6) when open, folding to A7. All cards are printed on high quality white card. Quality C7 white envelopes can be provided to fit your choice of memorial card. Your card is completely personal and you can supply your own verse, which will be printed at no extra cost.

Some samples of texts can be found here, which may help you in choosing a suitable verse. Any of the designs featured on this site can be adapted to suit your needs, or alternatively you can send in your own design.

Different typefaces and crosses can be used with any card. If you have any special requirements as to style, please do not hesitate to contact us, or send us a sample.

Photographs can be reproduced and incorporated into your design.

Cards can be ordered in any quantity. We recommend that you order slightly more than you anticipate needing as this is a cheaper alternative to ordering a reprint at a later date. Please quote the reference numbers of the card when filling in the appropriate order form.

Before printing, a proof will always be sent to you unless you requested otherwise. The proof can be posted, faxed or emailed to you, depending on your preferences. If fax or email is used we would still like to send a printed proof as well, then you can see exactly how your stationery will look - with the exception of the lamination. Printing does not take place until you are completely happy with your order. You pay after your order is sent out to you.

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